Volume Discount
Corporate Discount
Discount for Christian or Charitable Organizations
Editing and Proofreading
Business Communications
Marketing/Advertisement Translation

Volume Discount

Depending on the volume of your order, you are entitled to the following discounts:

Total sumDiscount
Over 3,000 UAH1%
Over 6,000 UAH2%
Over 9,000 UAH3%
Over 12,000 UAH4%
Over 15,000 UAH5%

Important!  Order volume for our corporate clients is calculated on a monthly basis!

NEW!   Corporate Discount 5%

Corporate discount is for clients who have an association agreement with our agency. Call us to learn more.

Important!  This discount is applied on top of the volume discount!

Discount for Christian or Charitable Organizations

If you are a Christian or charitable organization, we may consider a possibility of a significant discount for you.


Prices depend on the type of interpretation: Simultaneous (Linear) Interpretation (2 interpreters), Consecutive and Liaison Interpretation and by a native speaker or non-native speaker.

Urgent translations (interpretation orders requested within less than one business day) + 50%.

FREE!  One-time trial offer: interpretation of one short teleconference/business meeting is provided free of charge


Prices for this service are determined by source and target languages and text complexity.

Urgent translations (translation orders that require translation (editing, proofreading) of more than 5 pages per business day) +50%.

FREE!  One-time trial offer: translation of half a page of text is provided free of charge

Editing and Proofreading

Editing fees depend on the quality of the document. If a text requires only minor editing, the fee is half of our translation rates. However, if the provided translation is so poor that it requires extensive rewriting and/or reference to the original language text, we would need to charge at a commensurate rate. If correction process requires retranslation, we will have to apply our regular translation rates (plus an editing fee, if required).

Proofreading fees are equal to half of standard translation rates.

FREE!  One-time trial offer: editing/proofreading of half a page of text is provided free of charge

Business Communications

Our quotes depend on the type of communication requested - oral or written and individual conditions of local or international business trips.

Marketing/Advertisement Translation

As this is a multifaceted service, individual agreements are preferred, so please contact us to negotiate a quote.

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