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We provide all three types of interpretation (simultaneous/linear, consecutive, and liaison), and these services can be customized to suit the client's individual needs. Each type has its own advantages and target audiences. Our interpreters are experienced and highly professional in all three interpretation modes.

Simultaneous/Linear Interpretation is generally used for international business and cultural events (e.g. meetings, conferences, media broadcasts, etc.), and it usually requires specialized equipment.

Consecutive Interpretation is commonly used for business meetings and negotiations, business trips, court hearings and depositions, medical appointments, tours, informal meetings, social occasions, or short presentations where most of the participants do not understand the speaker's language.

Liaison Interpretation is appropriate for meetings or negotiations involving a small number of participants.

FREE!  One-time trial offer: interpretation of one short teleconference/business meeting is provided free of charge


To provide accurate, quick, and premium translations of texts of any level of difficulty and of all styles, KEY TRANSLATIONS follows a thorough translation process, that, if required, includes editing, proofreading, and formatting the translation to match the original document. Preserving an accurate representation of the original text, our experts deliver polished and professional results.

FREE!  One-time trial offer: translation of half a page of text is provided free of charge

Editing and Proofreading

Editing includes correcting and/or removing parts of a text and may require reference to the original text. If you request it, we can have native speakers edit your text. Please note that this is a separate service that must be requested in addition to regular translation.

If you already have a translated text that needs polishing, just send it to us, and no matter how awkward it sounds, we will turn it into writing of publishable quality.

Sometimes a text does not require serious editing or rewriting; all it needs is proofreading for minor grammatical and typographical errors. Our professional editors can provide this service for you. Once KEY TRANSLATIONS has proofread your text, it is ready to go to print.

FREE!  One-time trial offer: editing/proofreading of half a page of text is provided free of charge

Business Communications

There are numerous situations in which language barriers can create serious problems, and that's when KEY TRANSLATIONS comes to ensure clear communication. From phone calls and emails to personal meetings in any country, KEY TRANSLATIONS can guarantee you a high level of business negotiations:

  • Translation of emails, business correspondence, commercial materials, legal documents, contracts, etc.
  • Interpretation of phone calls and teleconferences, personal and business meetings, etc.
  • Accompanying and assisting on local and international business trips
  • Loyalty to the original format of your documents, accuracy, confidentiality, and formal style

This service will make your business more efficient, giving you extra time to develop new ideas and opportunities.

NEW!  Marketing/Advertising Translation

Whether you are an English-speaking company hoping to break into the Ukrainian/Russian-speaking market or you have a product to sell in Ukraine, KEY TRANSLATIONS can help you. Our experienced translators can craft well-written, clear messages for your marketing and technical communication needs. This is not just a matter of mere translation: it requires creativity and a deep insight into both the source and target languages.

A Friend in Ukraine

Are you coming to Kyiv? Contact our partners, and they will take care of all your arrangements. Do you have foreign business partners in town, but your schedule does not allow you to entertain them after the business day is over? Show them you care - be a true host and call our partners!


English, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, German, French and tens of others.

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